ironGAINS app empowers concept of progress motivation. Progress motivation is simple as getting constant feedback on your training and realizing, that you are making small wins every session. ironGAINS helps to push past trainee’s limits, break through plateau and gain power, strength and muscle.

It will push you to do more

With ironGAINS app you can always see the record of previous workout session, and it will push you to do more for present workout session. Read more..

Training history

It is simple to forget about progress you've made already and start to feel discouraged. Training and records history will remind how far you've come so far and prevent from dropping out.

Training analytics

Within ironGAINS essential training indicators are set to confront in previous / present template. This type of feedback fosters realization of ongoing progress and keeps you motivated.

Designed for periodization

Within ironGAINS exercise tables are defined by the reps schemes.
Reps scheme is a certain combination of sets and reps.
You can create custom reps scheme and later use it for every exercise you like and track the exercise by many different training protocols. Read more..

Build Custom Routines

You are able to build custom workout routines from over 150+ preloaded exercises or create your own. You can filter exercises by body part and add them to the workout routine in a bulk. Read more..

Automatic rest timer

Complete set, tick set, rest, repeat. That's it. Rest timer will be triggered automatically every time, when you complete a set. Rest timer alarm will remind you, when it's time to move on the next set, so your workout sessions will be more consistent. Read more..

Share and import workout routines

Are you Personal Trainer? Share your workout routines in no time and let your clients to easily follow your prescription. Read more..

Apple Health and Apple Watch

ironGAINS contributes to the Health app activity data and has Apple Watch companion app for more freedom.