Let us introduce you to the next generation app - ironGAINS 3.
ironGAINS 3 engine is powered by Success Motivation.
We have incorporated this principle deep down to the almost every aspect of the app.
It means, that ironGAINS 3 is built in a way so trainee would be eager to outgrow himself.

Track Your Workouts in a Clever Way

When you look at the exercise table, every little detail fits in place.
Current weight and reps values are set to meet trainee's expectations as close as possible. They are set to compete against previous session numbers. This LITTLE detail will make you push past your limits.
Set placeholder always highlights the most important data for a given moment.
Controls above keyboard are made for pleasure of your thumb.

Reps scheme is defined by the number of sets and reps.
You can create custom reps scheme and later use it for every exercise you like. It’s handy as you don’t need to define the same reps scheme for different exercises over and over again.
The other great side of reps scheme feature is ability to track the same exercise by dozens of different scenarios. It means, that you are able to track any type of program, would it be for beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee.

Build Custom Routines Quickly

You are able to build custom routines from over 150+ preloaded exercises or create your own. You can search exercises by body part and add them to the routine in a bulk. Building custom routines has become so fast now.

Count Down Rest Periods Effortless

The new Auto full screen feature brings up Rest timer mode every time, when you complete a set. It provides you only essential workout data and controls at a given moment.
Rest timer mode is pocket friendly and will protect your workout data from accidental taps.

Get Valuable Feedback on Your Training

We realize, that any indicator without context means nothing. Within ironGAINS 3 we set essential training indicators to compete against their predecessors. What is the outcome? Well, if your data competes, you compete either.  

See Your Gains Over Time

ironGAINS 3 will allow you to observe your iron journey in a wider perspective. Just set your scale.

Share Your Routines and Records Flawless

Are you personal trainer? We have something for the next generation relationship between trainer and client. Share your killer routines in no time and save your clients from setting custom routines on their own! Receive clients workout records and observe their progress.

Apple Health and Apple Watch

We understand, that weight training is only one part of bigger puzzle of your health & fitness life. So ironGAINS 3 will contribute to the Health app activity data obviously.
And for those who like more freedom, we have great Apple Watch companion app.